Shop at Pike Place Market for your Seattle homeGrab some crafts, beautiful flowers, amazing produce, fresh seafood and much more for your Seattle home at Pike Place Market. This is a unique part of downtown Seattle and not everyone knows that there is much more to Pike Place Market than it being just a place to shop. It is also a historic district and provides services to low income families. Not only can you find crafters, famers, and artisans in the market, but also Pike Market Clinic, Pike Market Childcare and Preschool, and the Pike Market Senior Center and Food Bank. The Market Foundation oversees these services and is a vital part of this active community. Consider volunteering or donating when visiting the market and passing on these resources to anyone who could use them.

Visit this Vibrant Seattle Real Estate Location and Discover Local Gems

Also be sure to wear your comfortable shoes when coming to visit the market, as there are nine acres to explore. Watch the people as they go by and be entranced by delicious smells. Follow your nose to find a tasty treat you never might have tried otherwise. Try samples of fresh apples and support artists who are just starting out. Find interesting staircases, alleyways, and nooks and crannies to check out. Pop into tiny shops that feature old comics, posters, records, books, and one of a kind collectibles. Don’t forget to grab some beautiful flowers to fill your Seattle home with a special warmth.

Stop and listen to music and grab a bite to eat. There are many amazing restaurants tucked into Pike Place Market. Enjoy the beautiful views of Puget Sound and all of downtown. Don’t miss the fish markets. Watch in awe as the employees fling fresh fish through the air to be wrapped up and shipped or taken back for a tasty dinner at the buyer’s Seattle real estate. Be sure to allow for plenty of time, there is so much to do and see. Read more about Pike Place Market and plan your visit.